15 Days of laziness!

•October 1, 2007 • 1 Comment

Many apologies as my blog has suffered from prior commitments as said author has been engaged in sprinting across the country in a number of ill-advised pursuits, designed almost solely to take me away from my pretty blog. And how i lament (for 15 minutes obviously). However, fear not dear reader because, as of today – 15 Minute Man (ahem) and his trusty Nokia N93 is trawling the streets looking for new opportunities to waste 15 minutes doing something truly spectacular….

Meanwhile, to satiate your lust for quality vlogging, check out this site to feel your thirst evaporate and a feeling of delight rush across your tonsils.


Firebreathing in Finchley

•August 30, 2007 • 4 Comments

15 Minutes of Infamy has been getting a little hot under the collar with our latest stunt, which involved guzzling a great deal of paraffin (which tastes rather like grease) , taking a fiery stick and blowing on it.

Elsewhere I had read difficult (and rather worrying posts) who talked about fire breathing in the same breath as ‘setting their face alight’ – so I must admit I was a tad worried, but hell…. It’s all about having a go at something for 15 Minutes…Although I must confess I wasn’t looking forward to spending 15 minutes (hours, days, months or years) in a burns unit!

Check it out

15 Minutes backing outsiders at Chepstow Races!

•August 28, 2007 • 1 Comment

Ah – the pounding of hooves across lush, green turf, the tumultuous roar of trackside punters and the tumble of english sterling into the pockets of lucky gamblers. The lure of Horse Racing has always been great for me… But it was with some trepidation that my Bank Holiday 15 minutes of Infamy took me to Chepstow racecourse, with the sole intention of picking up loads of cash for paltry stakes – simply by backing the outsiders.

For sure – it is a madman who solely trusts the prices, (after all how often does the favourite in the Grand National win) but this was flat racing, and armed with no more knowledge than a quick scan of the Racing Post could furnish me with, I picked up my warm, flat pint of £3 Fosters – and set to work gambling away on the long shots… A great day out!

But was I successful? Place your bets now and take a look at part 3 of my 15 minutes of infamy blog – or perhaps Bert’s Horseracing Blog for some real advice (he won my friend a fortune at the bookies in August).

Looking Shifty!

•August 24, 2007 • 3 Comments

Another day, another blog… and to inspire those of you with 72 long bank holiday hours of fun to play with, and nothing to fill it with – I’ve come up with this rather amusing way of spending 15 minutes – simple and effective.. By looking shifty! An amusing lunchtime was spent shiftying around the town in a big coat (despite the furnace-like heat) and stupid glasses, during amused and odd reactions… Followed swiftly by a pint or twain. Ace!


•August 23, 2007 • Leave a Comment

Good news all as my next 15 minutes of infamy video is in the pre-production stage and will be ready very soon! Still looking for ideas of what the deuce I can do for quarter of an hour, so roll me a suggestion if you fancy it. Meanwhile, we now have a MySpace profile so come and be our friends if you aren’t a spambot!

Much lv x

1st 15 Minutes – Judging books by their covers!

•August 22, 2007 • 3 Comments

So – the first 15 minutes of infamy, and always one for a proverb – yesterday I decided that ‘judging books by their covers’ would be a rather interesting, and mildly amusing way to kick off the blog. Heading into town to check out the local tiny library, WH Smiths – and later my own pad, I drew but one conclusion – In a media, design swamped age of crystal clear photography, computer graphics that can look more realistic than real life and designers with creative genius oozing from every pore… Where the hell have the publishing business been??? Observe…. 😀

15 Minutes of Infamy: Why?

•August 22, 2007 • 1 Comment

15.jpg“Life is like a box of chocolates” Tom Hank’s fictional character Forrest Gump once said… But I think that’s bollocks! Life can’t be characterised like a carton of Guyllian shell shaped things, or even a pack of Thornton’s continental. No, in my opinion, life is like a sweetshop, built to the specifications of a palace so ornate, Louis XIV could barely have imagined it. 

It’s a voyage of potential discovery – but how many of us even scratch the surface. Admittedly money, necessities and time are great pressures. But there’s no excuse not to make the most of the chance we have. That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate 15 minutes of (nearly) every day to doing something different. Something that I’ve never tried before (or not for a while anyway). Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be abseiling in the Maldives one day and chasing Zebra in Mombassa the next (I wish). This is going to be indulging in an easy life experience – filmed and logged, just because I can!

From the world’s most intense 15 minute pubcrawl, to quarter of an hour judging books by their covers (like what I’ve done there J) it’s time to take time out to do something just a little different. But I am but one man…. Any suggestions of activities I could take on, or video responses to mine would be gratefully received – and perhaps we can make this a rich hive of ideas for people fancying something a little bit different!

After all, even the most dour and uninteresting people in life want to do something new. As much as we fresh, hip kids (ahem) bemoan those boring drones who work 9-10 every day, commute 100’s of miles, grunt at their kids before going to sleep and spend the weekend mowing the lawn and visiting Ikea, surely even they will change the radio station once in a while, or maybe take a different route to the lunch time corporate coffee house at lunch?

 If I can dedicate 15 minutes of my time to doing something different every day – well – it’s all good news!